Faculty & Staff


“Since you know that from the Lord you will receive the inheritance as your reward; you serve the Lord Christ.” – Colossians 3:24



Trinity High School is comprised of incredible caring and certified faculty and staff. We pride ourselves on differentiating based on student need. Our small class sizes allow for more one on one individualized attention in the classroom with teachers and staff.




“It is a great honor to serve the role of Principal at Trinity High School. Thank you to our school and local community for your support and encouragement.  I look forward to serving Trinity High School as we continue to work together to do God’s will in our school. Please continue to make a point of keeping me, as well as our faculty, staff, and students at Trinity High School, in your prayers. I pray that God is glorified by our school.


Our Trinity High School faculty and staff have been a blessing to work with. We have a strong nucleus of veteran teachers as well as a group of young passionate teachers who are working diligently together to help prepare our young people for their future. They come in early and stay late to give the extra time our students need to reach their potential.  God has blessed Trinity High School with its great faculty and staff.”

– Ron Williams, Principal